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Android Messaging Technology Gets Smarter in 2020 | Wirandle

Here are some good news with the release of latest Android 11, leaving users expecting for more.

Android Messaging Technology
Android Messaging Technology

What used to be a mode for communication, has evolved to become an inseparable part of our day to day life. Yes, I am talking about smartphones. With time, technology is progressing with leaps and bounds. And, the creators are stressing on every biggest to smallest details while releasing every new version of the device. The same goes for Android messaging technology. Feeling highly obsessed with the latest updates, I do believe that we would be experiencing even better solutions in the coming future.

Android phones often surprise users with new and advanced features more often than iOS devices. And, that is the reason why people feel a need to change their android phones faster than they change their iPhones. When said that, you must be wanting to explore the upgrades that the new Android 11 release has brought with itself. Among the many advancements, the major focus is given to privacy, controls, and messaging.

Yes, messaging too! Don’t you feel that locating conversation of single contact still is a mess with plenty of messaging apps stored on your mobile? We do feel a problem juggling between this software and applications.

However, the Android community has certainly worked their best magic this time to outline the ways to enhance messaging for better user experience.

But how so? Let us find out the various perks of the Android messaging technology that comes along with this latest release.

New Touch to the Android Messaging Technology

Born is the new era where people-centric communication forms the base of the development around messaging. If you have bought a new Android phone and haven’t played around with the messaging controls, you are not even aware of your device’s true potential.

You get to visit a few of the most thoughtful inclusions with messaging controls this time. Providing a streamlined experience to the users, Android 11 sets base for its future developments.

Message Sorting in Notification Bar

The time has gone by when we only received messages from our contact lists. Today, there are a huge number of messages from apps and services that we subscribe to. Either it’s the bank transactional messages or the bill payment reminders, message sorting creates a huge challenge for users. But with Android 11, the controls have become quite friendly and design a lot intuitive.

Next time when you pull down the notification bar, do not forget to notice a separate message notification section. In other words, all the messages, irrespective of its origin, is combined in an altogether separate section. This makes it easy to notice the messages right away.

Not just that, you can even set priorities for messages of your choice. If you do not wish to miss messages from a particular sender, you just have to press that particular notification for a little longer. This would help you set the message as ‘Priority Message’. Hence, it would appear on the top every time. To make it even more visible, the profile picture also appears along with the message.

To add icing on the cake, this stays true for every message from the priority contact, irrespective of the app or messaging service in use.

Message Prioritizing
Android Messaging Technology – Message Prioritizing

Presence of Multitasking System

Here is a more interesting upgrade you must not miss at all. It’s the ‘Message Bubbles’. What is that all about? If that seems so unrelated, you must check what it entails. Message Bubbles provide a multitasking interface to the users who do not like juggling between apps all the time. For instance, what if you are messaging someone urgently and need to access some other app right away. In such a case, we usually toggle between two apps, sometimes forgetting to reply to the person on the messaging app. But this won’t happen with Android 11.

Users would be able to tap on a special icon for every conversation to create a floating window for the same. This floating window won’t go away unless you want it to. It would stay on the top and you could even collapse it to a small circle for enhancing access to the other application.

Although the development for this upgrade is still ongoing, it would soon be live for Android Messaging Technology users.

Limitations of Latest Android Messaging Technology

Do not be disappointed. It’s almost impossible to experience any new technological development without a limitation. However, looking at the bright side, it does offer us the opportunity to better our solutions even further.

So, what is the limitation of this new upgrade? All the things that we discussed above, it’s only true for the incoming messages that are already in progress. However, in case, if you wish to start a new communication, you still need to choose the app like we always do. Applying the classic method of hopping between different apps, you must choose the one for sending a new message.

What to Expect in the Future?

With Android 11, the upgrades did resolve the problem with the incoming messages. However, it left us craving the same experience with the outgoing messages too. While it may seem difficult to pull this thing for outgoing messages right in the next release, but it’s Android. And, it has does know how to surprise its audience when least expecting.

So, let’s hope to see even better controls and streamlined experience going forward.

The Conclusion

Smartphone users are increasing with time. These days, kids also carry expensive phones with the latest technologies. Hence, the surge in user expectation is inevitable. That is why mobile companies are also stretching their innovations to fit the need of time.

So, how can one pretend not to focus on messaging? With many things a smartphone is capable of doing including fun and entertainment, it still stays a mode for communication in a broader sense. If that is true, it’s not unusual to witness such a huge leap of change in Android messaging technology. The best part is that it’s just the beginning of what entails in the future. And, we all are eager to find out when and how. Aren’t we?

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