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Can Artificial Intelligence Better Customer Care Experience? | Wirandle

AI Based Tool could help increase the productivity of Customer Care.

speech analytic tool
speech analytic tool

Have you had trouble reaching the customer care rep? Or, did you wait for long to talk to the Manager while not able to find a satisfying resolution from the rep? Or, even worse, you never got a call back as promised. If that experience has left you with nothing but frustration, here is the artificial intelligence-based Speech Analytics tool that can help companies offer better services to customers like you.

As per the claims made by this new AI-based tool called speech analytics, managers would receive live and prompt alerts directly from their call centers. Not just that, this data would include a lot of other information. It would also allow the manager to understand the customer sentiments as well as covering the quality of the conversation along with the usage of specific keywords.

Artificial Intelligence
Speech Analytic Tool

That was just a crisp detail of what the tool is all about. However, its utilization could help one understand the real worth of this innovation. Artificial intelligence is already making a huge shift in the way companies and businesses work. And, it would be interesting to find out more potential that stays unrealized yet. So, find out more details of this new tool and how the tool could be useful in filling the gap between actual and expected customer experience.

What is the Artificial Intelligence-based Speech Analytics Tool?

Before we progress, let’s discuss the challenges that we usually face when managing a call center. And, the most obvious problem that pops in our minds is ‘Lack of proper reachability.’ So, what makes this issue such a huge challenge to solve?

And, the answer lies right in front of our eyes. With limited power instilled within human capacity, no company can expect to provide 100 percent satisfaction to all the customers.

For instance, while all the calls we place to the customer care number promises to be recorded for further quality assurance, it’s likely that not more than 10 percent of those calls are heard. Obviously that percentage depends on company to company, it is nowhere closer to a complete 100 percent. The worst part is that these calls rarely reach the concerned team. However, this all is going to change sooner.

As mentioned above, Speech analytics will help alert managers revert to the issues that need quick attention. Using this Speech Analytics, one can analyze the voice recordings with the help of the AI-based algorithms. The best part is that the tools are capable enough to process the results in a blink of an eye. Hence, enabling information analysis in real-time.

Further, the sharing of the analysis is even simpler. Either you opt to demonstrate the results through live dashboards or send these alerts directly to the concerned department. Pretty easy, huh?

Major Metrics of Artificial Intelligence Based Speech Analytic Tool

Wondering what all things this tool can analyze? Let us have a closer look at that.

The Speech Rate of the Customer Representative

When working in a customer care department, clarity comes first while talking to the customer. An agent can turn a happy customer into a disgruntled one. Hence, figuring out the speech rate of agents can help companies provide better training to their team. Usually, a rate between 110 to 150 words spoken per minute is ideal. However, that can widely change depending on dialects and other variants. But analyzing the same could immensely help companies in training purposes.

Identification of Keywords

Businesses can get alerts for certain keywords to help refine the calls where callers and customers seem unsatisfied. For instance, ‘it’s broken’, or ‘slow service’ etc. Based on the product or services, businesses can come up with suitable keywords to segregate the calls that need prompt attention.

Customer Sentiments

Yes, the tool could also help find out what the customer is feeling by analyzing the tone of the voice. Hence, enabling managers to take the necessary steps right away. It could also help provide better training to the agents and other team members.

The Volume of the Caller and Agent

First of all, the agent must be audible to the customer. Or else, the customer could get frustrated right away. On the other hand, analyzing the customer volume, one may find out if the customer is happy or angry. High volume signifies disagreement. In such a case, teams could act in real-time to manage such customers. And, managers and team leaders could barge in right away to offer help.

How Companies can Utilize Speech Analytic Tool For its Best Optimization?

By now, it would have been clear of what the tool is all about. Majorly, the artificial intelligence-based speech analytic tool could help enhance the company’s feedback process. In other words, the standard feedback routine cannot provide a complete picture as not every angry customer will fill those forms. However, when assessing the calls in real-time, one can get a clear insight into what each customer is feeling. Hence, letting companies work on their future plans.

As already discussed, checking every call is not a feasible thing to do. But to know which calls are necessary to barge will provide teams an upper hand when handling dissatisfied customers. One would never miss a call of customers who need more than just supervision. Making it easier overall to manage better relationships with customers.

Finally, the tool would also help in providing faster and real-time redressals. And, this is a huge achievement, if utilized practically.

Overall, the speech analytic tool could help increase the trust of customers in these call centers and businesses.

The Conclusion

Based on what the possibilities are, the innovation does sound like a great aid for customer service departments. And, for companies who wish to increase their business by acquiring happy customers wanting to stay for the long term.

It won’t be an overstatement to address the fact that artificial intelligence has proved it time and again that the technology is set for something bigger. The trending innovations are just a glimpse of what lies within. And, AI is certainly among those technologies that would shape the way we work or address issues in real-time.

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