Car-lite and Sigfox launch an intelligent light beacon based on the 0g network

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Madrid, Spain – Sigfox, a IoT communication service provider and 0G network provider, and CAR-LITE, a Spanish company in the design and manufacture of emergency signalling beacons for cars, have launched a new smart beacon model base on IoT technology and Sigfox 0G network.

The new beacon has been designed and developed by CAR-LITE and its technology will enable automatic alerts to be sent to the relevant road safety authorities and will precisely geolocate the location of damaged vehicles, without the need for an Internet connection, Wi-Fi or SIM cards, as it is based on Sigfox 0G network, the global network designed by and for the IoT. Both companies will collaborate to launch this product throughout Europe (Spain pending approval), thanks to the deployment of Sigfox 0G network, already present in 75 countries worldwide.

This solution will allow public and assistance services to be alerted so that they can react more quickly to emergencies and warn other drivers by means of real-time road signs.

The new Sigfox and CAR-LITE model makes it possible to geolocate damaged vehicles by GPS in real time and in a very efficient way, providing very valuable and actionable information to road safety authorities throughout Europe, infrastructure management companies, freight transport or traffic control authorities, among others, speeding up the management and resolution of the incident and accidents.

In addition, CAR-LITE devices based on Sigfox technology are battery operated to ensure independence from a rechargeable battery. The device may be compatible with the connected car platforms of the various competent authorities in each country.

Furthermore, the approach of this solution is specifically designed for the Internet of Things, its data and energy consumption are very low. In addition, both the cost of the Sigfox-based communications device and the cost of communications over the life of the beacon are lower than those of technological solutions used in the past. Moreover, the cost of communications is independent of the country where the beacon is used.

The model created by CAR-LITE is a small round beacon that emits a light visible up to one kilometre away when attached to the roof of the damaged car. The solution does not require getting out of the vehicle to place it, which is safer than traditional warning triangles and will help reduce fatalities in the event of accidents while connecting people, roads, authorities and vehicles.

0G to ensure the safety of drivers at all times

According to Carlos Alonso, CEO of CAR-LITE, and Rebecca Crowe, managing director of Sigfox Spain, “we are delighted to be able to put the scalability and broad scope of our network at the service of a solution that is set to significantly improve safety on our roads, in line with the strategy of the European authorities responsible for road safety, whose objective is to minimise accidents and emissions. We are proud to have been able to help launch a pioneering initiative at European level”.

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