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‘Startup studio’ Expa has announced that it will open a London office, as it aims to expand its presence by funding European startups.

Established in 2014 by Uber cofounder Garrett Camp, Expa provides early-stage startups with investment capital, a workspace and access to a network of advisors.

Getty/g-stock studio
Getty/g-stock studio

It is a similar model to existing UK-based programmes like Founders Factory – set up by cofounder Brent Hoberman – and Entrepreneur First, which is somewhat unique in that it pairs off successful applicants after they enter the programme, to start building a business.

Expa currently has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver, and sees the expansion as an opportunity to provide European startups with its resources from a London office.

Some prominent alumni of Expa include the neo-bank Current, analytics company Metabase and proptech Haus.

“The European startup landscape is quickly growing and is one of the greatest opportunities in the market today,” said Camp, in a statement.

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Former Uber and Virgin Galactic executive David Clark is also joining Expa as a partner and will lead the London outpost.

“I’m looking forward to bringing the Expa magic to Europe, and leveraging all of the studio’s resources to help make the power of Silicon Valley accessible to Europe’s best talent,” Clark said in a statement.

Finally, when asked about the prospect of launching a new physical space during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Clark said: “Like all people and companies, we are responding to the unique challenges of this global crisis both as individuals and as members of a community.

“Expa is particularly focused on understanding and addressing the current economic climate and its effects on startups. We are adapting our funding decisions to each day’s new realities while also standing firm in our strategic commitment to supporting early-stage companies and founders.”

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