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The digital revolution has been trending within the enterprise world and continues to tempt companies with new technologies that developers and programmers globally are looking to adopt.

In today’s era, technology is evolving rapidly and each year it brings some new trends in the market. The blooming internet world has nearly 2 billion websites.

We have provided a list of some trends that are being adopted in the web app development market, however, this should not be considered as an offer to follow blindly.

Web App Development

1. Single Page Application

Single-page Application (SPA) can be an internet application supported by Java script that works well among user devices. Most modern developments on SPA utilise React and Angular frameworks that make it smart and acceptable for hybrid apps.

2. Motion UI

With a wonderful demand for interactive internet, Motion UI seems to be one of the most trending development methodology this year. Its dynamic graphics, animation and real impacts on usability make it an attractive proposition for various organizations.

3. Java Scripts

Java is adopted for developing mobile apps whereas JavaScript is utilised for developing dynamic internet apps. JavaScript facilitates internet developers to make clean, robust and responsive websites.

4. AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by machines to mimic human intelligence and perform functions like collection of information, analyses of knowledge, understanding emotions or solving tough problems.

Moreover, this year, the need for AI-enabled communication, multi-task automation, and analytics solutions has risen steeply

5. Blockchain Technology

The story of Blockchain technology has merely entered the market.

Blockchain technology can be used to create an unalterable shared ledger of data. It is a sequence of “blocks” containing the transactions/information and as it gets longer, older information becomes more reliable.

With the help of algorithms, Blockchain development facilitates the banks and other enterprise organizations to perform operations in a better way.

6. Mobile-Friendly data processor | Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is expected to upgrade the execution of internet based advertisements.

The web development business is doing a wonderful job coming up with new frameworks, trends, and mobile internet app developments to satisfy the incessant demands and expectations of people. And despite some setbacks and flaws, it continues to thrive, flourish and improve.

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